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Pedestrian safety along Oakland Street, West Street and Campus Drive is at risk. Drivers are regularly speeding at all hours of the day along these streets. Often, drivers do not stop at the signs at the corner of West and Campus. Additionally, the crosswalks have no signage and drivers regularly pass through without stopping, even when pedestrians are in the crosswalk or waiting at the crosswalk. Ideally, speed humps should be put in as this road is most frequently traveled by our youngest drivers who would benefit from being made more aware of their speeds. But at a minimum, more signage and police surveillance is needed.

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A. Speed limit sign
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A. West Street continues to have major speed concerns between the corners of Oakland and West Streets, West Street and Campus Drive, and all along West towards the DPW Recycling Center. Speed humps or blinking speed signs would be ideal to alert community members to their speeds. But if this is not possible, perhaps a school zone sign?

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