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1558 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven, CT, 06511, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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New Haven


Trash & Recycling


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Beaver Hills






The Public Works employees keep mixing up the trash cans. Why they cannot put trash cans back at same property. I got a real bad can Monday all kind of stinky liquid and trash mixed in it. I always keep my trash cans up to par. I do not want no one nasty trash can put back onto my property when I know that was not one of the ones I put out there. I put all the trash cans on my property out. So please make sure they put the same trash can they pulled from the property at 1558 back. Thank You!

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Q. Is the problem blight (trash, etc) outside, or is it a problem with the building (illegal use, housing code violation, etc)?
A. Outside Blight

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