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Litter/Shopping Carts


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At the end of Richard Street, a space between the termination of a chain-link fence and city guard rail, allows passage of pedestrians cutting through from Martensen St to shop in the plaza where the Kam Man is located. I understand it is a short-cut for a number of people, but the path is a dangerous hill prone to washout and erosion and a mis-step could cause injury or worse in the case of a slip, trip or fall. Shopping carts from Kam Man Foods have also been left here on numerous occasions. In addition, pedestrian traffic through Richard St encourages crossing Quincy Ave at a point over the crest of the hill, where a pedestrian was killed, instead of at crosswalks. There doesn't seem to be a category for this particular issue, but something should be done to prevent both the potential for injury and the shopping cart issue. Closing the gap would likely solve both. Either that, or the path needs to be made safer, and a pedestrian crossing light should be installed at the corner of Richard St and Quincy Ave.

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