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Traffic Signs


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This should be a four-way stop at this intersection. Yet another car accident here last.

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Q. What is your area of concern?
A. Sign Needed - Traffic Signs.
Q. Why is this a concern?
A. Car accidents and near misses are very common here. Speeders race down Larkin where a stop sign is needed. Cohn traffic has a stop sign but cars rarely come to a complete stop and more often than not, they roll through the intersection. Last night there was another car T-bones at this intersection. I’ve attached a photo to show how the accident occurred. You can see the white car entered into traffic on Larkin where the big truck was speeding and they both collided. This happens often and there are several near misses as well.
Q. What type of sign missing/damaged?
A. Stop Sign
Q. What direction were you traveling?
A. West


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