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Dodge truck and Dodge minivan parked on Westway just north of Royalton blocking view when turning off of westbound Royalton northbound on to Westway. this has been reported numerous times The cars have been ticketed The owner just switches positions of the cars and leaves them on the road stored there never moving. If I or another vehicle get into a head-on collision because the city refuses to make this owner take his cars off the road The city will be held responsible as this has been reported numerous times and no action is being taken to permanently solve the problem.

also asked...
Q. What is the address where the vehicle is parked?
A. 4304 Westway
Q. Please provide the description of the vehicle including color, make, model and license plate number.
A. dark blue Dodge pickup aqua green Dodge minivan.
Q. Is the vehicle parked on the street?
A. Yes
Q. Is there damage to the vehicle that would prevent it from being moved?
A. No

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