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There have been many (stopped count at 25) people playing basketball without masks. There are signs all over the park that say it is a mask-required zone...the Mayor says to call the police to report violations, so we did that. However, noone came, and the second time we called, we were laughed at, told 'the park cannot even HOLD that many people (untrue, we have had parties there) and the officer on the phone said in a scoffing tone 'we will send someone if we get a chance'. Salem is one of the hot spots and neighbors Lynn, the new epicenter of the virus, but it seems that our officials do not care to enforce their own rules. So the rules only apply to the law-abiding residents? Why did the Mayor say to do this, gave direction on what to do for violations, only to have the police ignore and laugh at us? We do not care about random people wearing the masks here and there, but this is a large gathering, not even just 10 people...over 25 just taking over the park and ignoring the mask mandate.

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