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City of St. Petersburg


Stormwater Issue


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flood, drain problem


Two men almost died last night on Roser Park Drive. With the city channelling all the rain water thru pipes into this creek, it over flows and causes havic not only on the properties on this street, but last night almost ended lives. This needs to end. The road disappears and a fatality is going to happen. Its just a matter of time. Please stop deverting all the rain water into this creek. This is piped in water. Control it or flood some other part of downtown where this water is coming from. Two men were dragged out of this car at 12:3am. And if someone wasn’t driving by they would be dead.

also asked...
Q. What flooding problem are you reporting? (choose one of the following)
A. No Answer Given
Q. Describe the location of the flooding (where and approximately how deep was the flood water?)
A. Roser Park Drive
Q. How long did the flooding last? Please provide the date(s) and time(s)
A. every simple rain storm.
Q. Has flooding occurred at this location at other times in the past? If so, how frequently?
A. yes and often
Q. Please provide any additional comments or information, such as if this event was caused by severe weather or tidal activity? Was there movement to the flood water? Was the flooded area close to a storm drain? If known, please provide the finished floor elevation of your home as well as any other property-related details.
A. this is the citys fault


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