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Lost Pet


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There was a house fire; Boba and his sister couldn’t be located. His sister has been located and we are still looking. Boba is a previous rescue. He is microchipped and neutered. He is extremely timid but will approach with treats and patience. He is not by any means trusting of outsiders. Boba does not like to be picked up by anyone.

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Q. Was this animal lost in Anne Arundel County?
A. Yes
Q. If no, what county was the animal lost in?
A. Anne arundel county
Q. Type of Animal
A. Cat
Q. Animal's Name
A. Boba
Q. Breed
A. Striped tabby
Q. Gender
A. Male
Q. Is your pet spayed/neutered?
A. Yes
Q. Color(s)
A. striped browns with white marking
Q. Approximate Age
A. 1.5
Q. Approximate Weight
A. 12 pounds
Q. Is your pet microchipped?
A. Yes
Q. Please list any identifiable features/markings on your animal (ex. declawed)?
A. He has a clipped ear, white paws, white hind legs, a raccoon like colored tail, he has his claws. He has some light hair patches missing On his back because he was just taken to the vet for a skin infection 2 weeks ago.
Q. Date animal was lost
A. 08/29/2020 02:30AM
Q. Area animal was lost (Community, City, Zip Code) ?
A. Pasadena, MD
Q. Nearest Intersection where pet was lost?
A. Tennessee Ave and Potomac
Q. Contact Name:
A. Britney
Q. Contact Phone:
A. 4109409808
Q. Contact Email:
A. Brity987@gmail.com

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