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This is the intersection of Sandy, Lane, Roseade Parkway, and Lopes Ave. loop. One corner of this intersection has no drop down curve ramp for accessibility, it is just a full curb. So, to cross the street from one side to the other, you have to go down people's driveways, into the street, and then back up another driveway.

I am totally perplexed why there are no drop curbs at this intersection, as I thought ADA compliance required it now.

Is there a way to get this on the DPW repair list for the fall? Given how much we are all home now, these sidewalks are being used more than ever by folks who have accessibility needs, but also folks with small kids in strollers, wagons, etc. All of them are having to go into the street at this intersection to get back to the sidewalk.

Thank you.

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