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A Safe Routes For All - Active Transportation Plan


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THREE more car crashes *this* week alone (9/5/2020- 9/10/2020). The blinking yellow light (Ellsworth) + blinking red light (Edgewood) are ineffective & dangerous. The newish yellow posted signs of "Cross traffic does not stop" are *not* working, & we & the neighbors on this block continue to be concerned & frustrated that these crashes occur again & again & again. As this intersection is also a CTTransit spot with active riders, this makes it unsafe for pedestrians getting on/off buses.

Reporting the crashes at this same intersection time & again for years to our alder & the Dept. of Transportation, Traffic, & Safety has led to no meaningful change or increased safety. The car crashes continue. The screeching of tires from near misses is a daily sound. The traffic signals at this intersection cause confusion & danger so no pedestrian is safe here.

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A. Edgewood Ave. & Ellsworth
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