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Crossing the Grove/Olive St. intersection southbound on State St. is hazardous in the far right lane.
There are three lanes at the intersection on the north side, but only two lanes and a parking lane on the south side of the intersection. The left lane on the north side is a left-turn only. The other two lanes should proceed straight through the intersection, but drivers in the middle lane routinely cross into the right lane as they cross the intersection. This is because the left turn lane is aligned with the far-left lane that proceeds straight on the other side of the intersection. Drivers in the right lane who proceed straight are forced into cars that are parallel-parked on the right shoulder. Thus, only the middle lane effectively goes straight.
The middle lane and right lane must be more clearly marked. Arrows on the pavement should indicate that the middle lane jogs left to stay straight, and the right lane is available to turn right or jog left to go straight. Signs attached to the traffic light crossbeam could also help. But something must be done!
Three times I have nearly been hit by drivers in the middle lane as I attempted to drive straight from the right lane.


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