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Real property 19 Ida Drive, South San Francisco, CA 94080 (subject property) is a home within an upscale community. It is located in a cul-de-sac, wherein prior to the abrupt red painting with white "Fire Lane" marks on all the curbs, including the curb immediately in front of the home, there were plenty of parking spaces---which was the influencing factor in our family's decision to lease the home---in spite of the considerable amount of monthly rent.

After just a few weeks of our move-in, a neighbor who owns 17 Ida Drive, a home located right next to 19 Ida drive, started to take pictures of our vehicles that we park on [then] non-painted curbs and sends such pictures to the owner of subject property. Said neighbor personally took it upon himself to impose upon us tenants (of 5 females) non-existent parking restrictions within the cul-de-sac.

We requested a copy of the HOA's CC&R's so we can have a better understanding of what truly is going on with the neighbor's incessant imposition of parking restrictions in the cul-de-sac---wherein, again, there were no parking restrictive marks whatsoever that justify his above described actions.

In or around May of last year, all the curbs within the cul-de-sac of Ida Drive were suddenly painted as described above. The community's HOA personnel had repeatedly, expressly conveyed (by way of the community's Newsletter) to the residents of the community that the painting of the curbs within Ida Drive's cul-de-sac and other areas of the community was the result of the South San Francisco Fire Marshall's approval of the HOA's newly implemented parking restrictions.

A phone conversation with Engineer Kelvin Munar back in 2019 resulted in him saying that "The City of South San Francisco" had nothing to do with the painting of the curbs within the community---and that we should check with the HOA. The HOA has not provided us with any answer up to this time.

Given the above conditions and circumstances, we would truly appreciate if or when you provide us an answer to our questions:

1) Did the community's HOA (Heather Heights Homeowners Association) truly acquire from The City of South San Francisco a clearance, an approval, and permit in painting the curbs, including the one located immediately in front of our rented home (19 Ida Drive) as described above?

2) If not, what can we do to get an official written report that The City of South San Francisco has had no direct involvement in the painting of the curbs.

Your help in this matter is truly and greatly appreciated.

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