Potentially fatal wrong-way turns onto Pearl Street from State Street Archived

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Tonight (Sunday, 12/22) between 7:20 and 7:35, two different automobiles took fast, sharp turns from State Street onto Pearl Street--intentionally speeding the wrong way into a one-way street. Both drivers were male, each about 5'!0" tall with fair hair and light eyes, and about 24-26 years old.

Incident #1: at 7:20, a white Honda Civic, Massachusetts plate 325RR8, rushed the wrong way into Pearl from State, and parked in the driveway of 11 Pearl Street. I was crossing the street at the time: had I been one foot farther into the street, I could have been run over by this vehicle coming unexpectedly from my right. When I approached the driver to point out the violation and the potential casualty, he said: "Mind your own business."

Incident #2: at 7:35, a man driving a white Jeep, CT plate 915YJM, rushed the wrong way into Pearl Street. He was trying to access his storage space in a row of garages right next to 11 Pearl Street. When I approached him to say that he'd just turned the wrong way through a one-way sign, he said: "So what?" and then added: "Everyone on Pearl Street does it."


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