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Signs (Missing, Needed, or Damaged)


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Pine Hills




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We NEED a 4 way stop sign at the intersection of Ryckman Avenue and Peyster Street. People go over 50MPH through here, there are children, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. walking and crossing at this intersection constantly. There are never tickets issued for speeding. I just saw a car FLYING down the road and hit a bicyclist. He just went to the hospital. Who can help us make these roads safer? This entire intersection is blocked by bushes, making it very hard to see who is coming at top speed. We NEED to make this neighborhood a safer place.

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Q. What is the damage or issue?
A. Man on bike HIT at high speed. Hospitalized. No 4 way stop signs, enabling drivers to speed down the street. Very dangerous intersection.
Q. What is the exact location or intersection?
A. Ryckman Avenue and Peyster Street
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A. Yes


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