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Residential Speeding Concern


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young black male on green dirtbike flying down all streets surrounding the west toledo library almost running into cars at full speed trying to fly around them also after about 2 months i asked the guy to slow down he said he doesn't have to can do w.e. he wants and then threatened me this type of stuff has to stop there's kids unattended all the time on these streets and im an adult on house arrest and don't need that but refuse to let these kids terrorise people imagine if it was an old lady or someone who he did that to? they would be afraid of retaliation just for asking someone politely to follow the law

also asked...
Q. What is the location? (Provide physical address and/or cross streets closest to the location)
A. eastway &royalton
Q. What is the concern? (Provide specific details, i.e. speeding through a school zone, running a stop sign or traffic light, etc.)
A. speeding , wreckless driving and making physical threats
Q. When and how often does the concern happen? (Provide the days of the week/weekend and times of the day; provide vehicle description and any additional details to describe the situation)
A. every day for about 2 months the wreckless driving and speeding and today the threats


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