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Pedestrian Cross Walk Needed Open

Intersection Of Hospital Place Drive/Savannah Court And S 17th St Wilmington, NC 28401, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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There are four buses that can transport people to the Health Department, whereas only one of the buses, the 105 Medical Center Line, actually drops people off on the side of 17th Street in which the Health Department is located. The other three bus routes - the 106 West Line, the 202 Independence Line, and the 205 Long Leaf Park Line, - all drop people off on the other side of 17th Street, a major thoroughfare in Wilmington.
This street is a crowded and congested intersection. While trying to cross the street at this location, I have noticed that the traffic light does not last long enough to allow a pedestrian to cross without being forced to run. I find this situation to be very unsafe, as many patrons of the Health Department are elderly, disabled, or parents with children. As this is a significant public safety risk, I am proposing that a pedestrian Crosswalk be placed at the intersection of 17th Street and Hospital Place Drive/Savannah Court, to make it safer for people going to New Hanover Health Department via bus.

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