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Gay 90s - COVID Super-Spreader Hot Spot Open

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NOTE: This was not my first time at the Gay 90s - I have been there many, many times -

If you value your health and are *not* interested in contracting COVID, then I caution you to stay away from the Gay 90s at all costs In fact, save yourself the hassle and cross them off your list of ever going there ever again

Myself and two friends went there on Friday, Oct 10, 2020, and were dumbfounded at all the wanton violations and lack of public health protocol

For starters, most all bar tenders were not wearing masks And those who did "opt" to wear a mask often took them off while making drinks or for no apparent reason Customers also half-baked wore masks while they roamed around.

The bar was extremely over capacity limits, the tables and chairs in the LaFemme drag show lounge were so close together that you were practically sitting in a stranger’s lap Moreover, people were packed like sardines sitting at the bars themselves It was very close quarters throughout the entire bar

There was, quite literally, zero regard for COVID precautions, and it was rather apparent that the Gay 90s did not care one iota

Not more than being there for 15 minutes, we felt so gross and disgusted that we left I refused to drink my $9 drink because the bar tender made it with his mask off - I don't want his, or anyone's, droplets in my drink! -It was an expensive lesson to have learned

The choice is ultimately yours, but I hope my cautionary tale paints a vivid picture of this bar and nightclub being the *worst* COVID-19 super-spreader in the entire city, if not the entire state of Minnesota

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