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Car crash outside PS 889- request for traffic calming measures to prevent child fatality Open

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I wanted to reach out and share that a serious accident happened at PS 889 on the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Turner Place on Tuesday 13th October at approx. 10am. My one year old daughter and I were collecting online school support materials for my son and narrowly missed flying glass (or worse) as a car collided in front of us. It is only luck and reflexes that I was able to swerve the stroller out of harms way.

I've reached out to Ms. Anderson when it happened and not yet got a response.

Grateful for the crossing guards that are on duty when school is in session but I think the DOT can and should do more to protect us, especially as a mother lost her life last summer a few blocks up on Church Ave.

Yesterday's incident happened at the corner for Pre-K and K drop offs where scooters, strollers and small children are commonplace.

It is only a matter of time before a serious accident happens to one of our families.

Requesting urgent attention from DOT, a traffic survey needs to be implemented at a minimum.

I’ve reached out to our district’s Council Member Eugene alerting him to the situation.

With thanks for your assistance,
Chantal House

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