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6842 Nw 16th St Apt 249, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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noise complaint


I moved under this apartment and immediately have been in complete torment and torture. I have had several conversations with the parents due to bumping, screaming, yelling, crying, running and stomping which caused items to fall from my wall. These actions happen throughout the entire day and carry over into the evening and into the middle of the next morning therefore we get no relief. We have reached out to Oklahoma City police department who has come out and experienced the noise upon driving up and walking up to the apartment and tenants vow to keep noise down which does happen temporary for a hour and then the actions start back up. The parents come outside in the breezeway arguing and yelling, breaking windows, screaming at the children, totally disregard neighborhood with the actions. The problem has become some outrageous that neighbors are now afraid to speak up since authorities have made statements due to complaints that we should be understanding since we live in an apartment. Help....Please

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