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Thank you for all the work that has been already completed in the Layfayette area! There are still a few very dangerous corners. The intersection of Bramhall and Pacific is nearly impossible. There is zero visibility when making a turn from Bramhall onto Pacific (either direction) or from Pacific (onto Bramhall) as cars are parked right up to the corners. You have to literally drive into the intersection slowly to even see if a car is coming and they are going at high speeds. There should be either a light, curb extensions or some sort of delineator to protect people turning or even pedestrians trying to cross to go to Berry Lane Park.

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Q. What pedestrian and traffic safety elements would you like the city to consider?
A. 1. Traffic: Curb Extension/Daylighting Request (Curb extensions are traffic calming measures which improve sight lines and encourage slower turning speeds.)
Q. Additional Information
A. If Bramhall was one way (heading to Berry Lane Park) that would also make a world of difference since two cars can’t fit down the road anyway.


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