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City of St. Petersburg


Sanitation Department


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trash, bad driving


Off of 5th Street on 18th Ave N - between illegal parking and daily trash being dumped the street is barely passable much of the time. Recycle bins left on side of street vs putting back by buildings.

This a huge disgrace to the Crescent Lake Neighborhood!

Terrier Properties needs to find a solution to the problem.

Why would the city allow large trash barrels on an Ave? The issue needs to be raised to the mayor’s action center.

also asked...
Q. What issue is being reported?
A. Illegal dumping
Q. If this is a special item pick-up request, what items need to be picked up? Please describe in detail, and provide a photo whenever possible:
A. Trash/Furniture dumped by Terrier Managed Properties on 18th Ave N - There #895-6090
Q. Is this a residential or commercial request?
A. No Answer Given


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