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Maroondah - Croydon

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Maroondah Hwy has multiple lanes and a large volume of high speed traffic (80km/h).

To make a right turn by bicycle on to Kent Avenue, a part of the principle bicycle network, it is at times difficult and potentially unsafe even for experienced riders.

Once in the right turn lane the vehicle sensing coils are unsatisfactory, and I often find I have to move forward and encourage a following vehicle on to the sensor, otherwise the lights don't change in my favour.

There is no way to perform a hook turn at the lights.

I'd like to be able to perform a hook turn to avoid the need to cross 3 lanes of high speed traffic. This could be achieved by making a special bay off to the left, with a button on a post to trigger the lights for cyclists only. This could be integrated with a pedestrian crossing.

The existing pedestrian crossing dumps you on the wrong side of Kent Avenue, and has no facility for a bicycle rider to use it.

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