Acknowledged by: City of Chicago

Equipment Noise Complaint Acknowledged

1559–1577 W Melrose St Chicago IL 60657, United States Show on Map Hide Map
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City of Chicago


Equipment Noise Complaint


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Chicago Ward 44



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There are significant machinery sounds that started at 6:30am today coming from the south end of the alleyway between Melrose and School near the 1555 block / near Whole Foods.

also asked...
Q. Where on site is the issue occurring?
A. Street
Q. Is noise coming from an air conditioner or industrial/commercial equipment?
A. Yes
Q. What type of location does your complaint refer to?
A. Residential
Q. Is this noise occurring between 8PM and 8AM?
A. Yes
Q. What is the date of the occurrence?
A. October 20, 2020 07:54
Q. What is the business name, if known?
A. No Answer Given

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