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In May of 2012 (see, I reported that the metal wire trash cans had gone missing at the bus stop at the corner of E. Marshall and E. Broad St.. These trash cans were never replaced and this corner (close to two convenience stores and a well-used bus stop) continues to be a huge problem. Bottles, cans, plastic bans often end up on the sidewalk, in the street, and on adjacent properties. Periodically, neighbors place city super cans, bags for the trash, plastic trash cans and people use them. This suggests to me that a trash can would be used and better still a recycling can/trash combo. I understand that the city did not want to replace the metal can as it was probably stolen by recyclers, but it's an important and well-used corner. How about repurposing an underused solar compactor (the one at 25th and E. Broad comes to mine)?

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