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I drop my husband at an office building at 3803 North Fairfax Drive in Arlington several times a week. It is impossible to get to the kerb to drop him because there is a long line of orange cones marking off the parking lane, preventing parking or stopping there -- there are No Parking signs along this area of the street, but apparently the cones are considered important items. I could accept the cones, but every day, all day -- when I drop him and when I pick him up -- there is a police car parked behind the cones, with a real live police officer within. Also, the same situation pertains on the side street, which I believe is Nelson Street. Why is it so important to prevent people from parking here that we need to send two fulltime police officers and their patrol cars to spend all day here? This is an ongoing situation, and I have observed this for more than a year now.

By the way, my husband is physically handicapped, and it is quite difficult for him to reach the kerb from the car because I am forced to pull up in the righthand traffic lane, AND block the pedestrian crossing. Arlington County, what's the story here? Is parking control so important that it requires not only No Parking signs, traffic cones, AND two police officers in official cars?

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