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This Blind Intersection had one stop sign on the left on comming traffic lane Archived

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The Peekamoose Road, the Sundown Road, and the Sundown-Greenville Road, in Sundown, NY, had a Blind Intersection; this Blind Intersection had one stop sign on the left of the illegally paved two lane county road through the church parking lot.

This sign worked well for people making a turn off of the old Sundown-Greenville-Road onto the Sundown Road this remained this way for many years.

It seems that years ago, some municipal authority, either the County, Town, or State, mistakenly, black-toped right the through the church parking lot connecting the Sundown-Greenville Road, with the Peekamoose Road.

This created an intersection with no proper stop sign on the Sundown-Greenville Road, and none on the Sundown Road, and none on the Peekamoose Road.

If traveling north on the Sundown Road, the Church blocked your view of the Sundown-Greenville Road. If traveling west on the Sundown-Greenville Road the church blocked your view of the Sundown Road. If you were making a turn off of the Sundown-Greenville Road, onto the Sundown Road heading south you had the only proper stop sign, and you had a clear view for about 100 ft. of the Peekamoose Road, and the Sundown Road.

However, beware there are no stop signs on the Sundown-Greenville Road illegally paved cut off.

If you are making a right turn off of the Sundown-Greenville Road toward the Peekamoose Road, you must be aware of vehicles taking the right illegal cut off through the illegally paved two lane County Road through the church parking lot for many years there was no stop sign..

This condition remained this way for many years, we complained about it for almost four years. The Town Board of Denning led for nine years by the then and now Supervisor Mr. Bill Bruning said, “it was a county matter” the county Department of Public Works led by Commissioner David Sheeley would not answer our calls. After many phone calls to the Department of public works our calls still went unanswered.

I (Frank Comando) was always told that he David Sheeley is in the field working and cannot come to the phone. Then it seems that over night about a year and a half ago stop signs appeared on the Sundown-Greenville Road, the Sundown Road, and the Peekamoose Road. Still there was no stop sign on the illegal cutoff.

The residents of Sundown were upset in that the stop signs were place on all roads, even the most traveled way the Sundown Road, and the Peekamoose Road, and still there was no stop sign on the illegal cutoff.

I Frank Comando decided to surprise Mr. Sheeley at the office of the Department of Public Works in Kingston. Mr. Sheeley was there and surprised to see me. He seemed to know who I was.

Mr. Sheeley was with the deputy commissioner, and the Ulster County D.P.W. civil engineer in on the discussion.. In brief, our short discussion was outlined by what was said previously here. Plus, I explained that I had worked with the N.Y.C. Traffic department in traffic lght Maintenance division for five years, and with the NY worlds Fair Corp. under Robert Moses’s supervision for four years. I then offered a solution to this problem of the Sundown-Greenville Road, as the stem of a “T” with one stop sign, and guardrails along the Sundown Road and the Peekamoose Road. I further suggested that a sign be placed on the Peekamoose Road heading south stating “HIDDEN ROADWAY” with the with a signifier of a hidden road entering on the left.

In order to facilitate a solution to this problem I measured the intersection and photographed it and used computer enhancement to make a photo of my solution, and e-mailed this solution to Mr. Sheeley at D.P.W.

"Frank comando"
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Mr. Sheeley,

Thank you for your prompt action in taking my suggestion of September eighth on the redesign of Peekamoose Rd,. Sundown Road, Sundown-Greenville, attached is a pictoral retouched, redesign of this intersection, as per my suggestions.

I was surprised to see such prompt action by the Dept of Public works on this matter and will note this in our sept 24 issue as our weekly publication deadline is passed for this week.

I had first reported this problem to our current Supervisor Mr. Bill Brunning over a year and a half ago and was told that the county has more important things to attend to, and he said I do not know how to solve this dilemma, I not an engineer. So I was prepared to wait for action ti be taken.

However when going to the bank this morning I saw the paint on the road in the exact design I had suggested. I was wrong. thanks again.

As you know we carry the legal ads for Neversink, Denning, New York City Watershed, and several other municipals, if we can help inform the public as to road closings or other needs, please use us.our email for press releases and legal notices is our online edition is at

Thanks again

Your friend in denning,

Frank Comando

CEO of Gnome Home Inc.

Publisher of

"Ye Olde Tri-Valley Townsman"

Five days later the Ulster County Department of Public Works started to change the road as per my suggestion.

Thanking Mr. Sheeley by e-mail for his quick response I received this e-mail.

Re: Retuched photos of Sundown Peekamoose rd

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 3:11 PM



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"Frank comando"

Dear Frank, Just to straighten the record, Bill Bruning and I have been discuwssing this intersection for at least 2 years. We had agreed that the fix was to be as you suggested. It was scheduled for springtime, but with a hectic construction season, it kept getting put off. Thanks for bringing this up at a perfect time. Dave S, UC

However, the hidden roadway sign has not been erected as to date.

I have since decided to run for Supervisor of the Town of Denning and doing well.

Other problems that are not solved are that;

1. The Claryville Fire District was shorted by $111,000,00 in tax payments by the state of New York for state owned land in the town of Denning.
2. A mistake in a code entry at the real property office of Ulster County caused the short fall but the current Supervisor Mr. Bruning sent back the paperwork to the county and then naturally it went on to the state for payment with the mistake, not catching the problem in his review Mr. Bruning for many years.
3. the state of New York will only pay back one year in this kind of mistake.
4. The problem of this short fall is still not resolved.

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