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Significant law enforcement needed to curb rampant speeding along Connors Street "short cut."

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A. Connors Street Rampant Speeding
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A. Once again I'm attempting to draw some attention to the rampant speeding on upper Connors Street. In the last 5 Years, I've brought this issue to attention - or tried to. The fact that I have to list it as "Other City Request" says it all. The city does not want to officially acknowledge the problem by putting it in their list publicly for a description because then responsibility for enforcing the law would have to be taken or responsibility for failing to enforce the law would have to be taken. Abbott Ave./Patton St./ Connors St. short cut is a serious problem. Cars are driving 40-50mph in a residential zone with children. While one can't stop the public from using the street as a shortcut (unless the city makes it a one-way street), one can stop drivers from doing so at 40-50 mph by contacting the POLICE DEPARTMENT, which I have done numerous times. Over 5 years only one cruiser spent 2 hours on ONE day on Connors Street. Since then, complaints get archived with NO ACTION. It's going to take more action to stop the kind of reckless driving putting us at risk on Connors Street - certainly more than 2 hours over 5 years. Rush hour traffic is potentially dangerous on Connors Street and there is no enforcement to stop it.

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