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For the longest time I thought we were going to have to lobby the State and City to install lighting where Humphrey Street passes underneath the railroad. Currently, the walkways on either side are lit, but the two roadways are pitch black at night.

Yesterday, Steve Brown and I bicycled through the underpass during daylight and noticed that there actually already is quite a bit of lighting down there; the problem is that it is disconnected! There are lights throughout both sides of the tunnel; there's no way all of those lights are burnt out. There must be an issue with the wiring.

Could the appropriate City or State agency responsible for the upkeep of lighting under this bridge please fix the wiring here?

There are some recessed water main access points under there that are more or less equivalent to potholes. Due to the complete lack of lighting under the bridge, they are quite difficult to avoid while bicycling at night, even with the aid of a headlamp. I would very much appreciate the restoration of lighting beneath this underpass. Thanks!


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