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Kugler Mill Square Apartments Lease 2010
page 5

28. EXTERMINATION OF INFESTATION. You acknowledge that while We are responsible for making a reasonable provision for the extermination of roaches, ants, wood destroying organisms, and bed bugs, serious infestations from such pests in the Premises and/or adjoining apartments may necessitate Your vacating the Premises either temporarily or permanently in order for Us to eradicate the infestation in Your Premises and/oradjoining apartments. If the infestation is caused by You and/or Your family, guests, or invitees, We shall not be liable for the costs of such relocation and We do not have to offer another apartment in the Community to You. We may terminate Your tenancy and You shall vacate the Premises in the event that (a) Your actions or inactions contribute to or result in a pest infestation; (b) Your actions or inactions prevent or hinder Our treatment of an infestation and/or (c) We, in Our sole discretion, or pursuant to the opinion of a licensed pest control professional, determine that this infestation in the Premises and/or adjoining apartments cannot successfully or properly be treated with You continuing to live in the Premises. If We terminate Your tenancy, and only if You vacate according to this Provision and only if the infestation is not caused or worsened by Your actions or inactions then You will be released from Your financial obligations under this Lease Agreement except for physical damages to the Premises.

You shall use care to avoid creating any condition which would cause or promote the presence of bugs, vermin and/or insects. You shall be held liable for any extermination charges related to an infestation caused by You or Your housekeeping. You agree that at all times during Your tenancy You shall keep all mattresses used or stored in the Premises wrapped or ___ in a mattress cover made of vinyl, plastic, or other impervious materials that can be sealed or completely closed, and there must be no rips or tears in the covering, to assist with decreasing the possibility of any bed bug infestation in this premises of the community.

Unless release, You shall be responsible to pay the coast of the eradication of any infestation, as described above, in the Premises or that spreads from the Premises if Our pest control professional identifies the Premises as the source of the infestation. If the Premises is identified as the source of the infestation You shall be responsible for the coasts of extermination whether or not We can prove the infestation was started by You, Your occupants, or invitees. If You can remain in the Premises during treatment You shall also fully cooperate with Us in preparing the Premises for extermination treatments based upon the guidelines provided by Our pest control professional. This includes, but not exclusively, agreeing to vacuum the Premises every day and wash all bedding three (3) times per week during the treatment of the infestation.

Failure to comply with the pest control professional's instructions or to give Us access, given reasonable advance notice to enter for extermination shall constitute an event of default under this Lease agreement. In the event You refuse to pay any invoice submitted by Us to You for the cost of extermination of the Infestation, this sum shall become Additional Rent due and payable with the next monthly rent installment. In the event any additional rent is unpaid with the next monthly rent installment, the entire rent payment may be refused as a partial rent payment.

To avoid infestation, We require You not place anything in the Premises purchased at any second hand furniture store, flea market, or the like, unless it is thoroughly inspected by You prior to placing it in the Premises. You agree not to place any furniture clothing or other items in the apartment found in or arond any dumpster or other trash collection sites. You agree to report any suspicion of infestation immediately upon discovery as the cost to exterminate will be greatly reduced if the infestation or existence of bugs is reported as early as possible.

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