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I was locked out of my apartment by my "landlord" after her retaliation attempts at eviction were unsuccessful. Public records show that the property was foreclosed on PRIOR to her eviction threats/efforts and there was also a quit-claim deed that I believe restrict/revoke any rights she may have had to the property. The real property owners are unaware that I have been living there because my landlord has been collecting rent from myself and other housemates which is a direct breach of her agreement with the property owners/sellers/renters; technically, all rent would be owed to them and not my landlord. Do I have any rights to the property or how can I at least get my deposit back so that I can put it down on another place? PLEASE HELP.

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Q. What day(s) of the week do you notice the issue?
A. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Q. What time frame do you notice the issue? [Ex: 10-11PM or 12-1AM]
A. End of August
Q. Have you also called the Police Non-Emergency phone line?
A. No


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