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Rodents, Bedbugs, Vermin


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Hello, I have serious bed bug and roach issues. Since I have been at this residence there has been only one treatment each (bed bug and rodent). This was almost 2 months ago. Housing management has not followed up for various reasons (out of office, change in management - whcih incidentally is what delayed initial treatmetn for almost 2 months). I had to buy new furniture. I asked for the hardest treatment and accommodation and have requested again. Four hours for these bedbugs is not enough> They have now ruined my bed, the new rocking chair - I have new rugs - vacuuming does not help. Less than 24 hours after spraying, they were back. The pest control said to keep the mattress protector on, and he ripped it off - another expense. I am having to buy another one, this bed was new. They said they would be back one week after spraying and sill no show. My last email to the district manager was on 1/7/13. I have a reaction to bed bugs. I cannot keep other people's things here due to it. I have to sleep whenever I can, they are so bad at night. I feel I should be assisted with staying over somewhere while a stronger eradication is done (also, assistance with loss of furniture). Thanks.

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