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For the entire length of Jackson Rd from where it begins at the eastwardly portion at the split off at Huron Rd and until Maple Rd, there is not a single crosswalk (approximately 0.8 miles). However, there are multiple bus stops along the length of the road on each side. Equivalent thoroughfare roads in Ann Arbor have crosswalks (Plymouth, Packard, Maple, etc), which allow for people to safely cross.

In August, I raised this issue and was directed to MDOT (as that portion of Jackson Ave is under their jurisdiction). I spoke with a communications representative, who provided me the following information: "Such a request would need to be initiated by the City. Usually, MDOT would be open to discussing a project with the City. We do not currently have a project programed. However, if the city desires a midblock crossing, and the city is willing to bear the cost (of design and construction), then they would need to apply for a permit from us through our Construction Permit System requesting our permission (in the form of a permit) to do so."

With that said, is there a way I can elevate this to the city's attention to see if it could be considered in future transportation budgets?

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