4th Amendment lawsuit: NH parking policy enforcement favors the wealthy Archived

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If you rent, and have "on street" parking, you are very likely to somehow, at some point, be snarled into some ridiculous appeals process to get the original parking/towing ticket thrown out, especially if you feel your property was seized unjustly. The fines keep adding up, and the City's 10 towing companies keep fueling up to go make money overnight. This policy is a breach of citizen's 4th amendment rights. We already comply with licensing, registration, and soaring insurance... yet now the city wants more of its on-street parkers. Whether the fine is $50 or $150 dollars, WE DON'T HAVE IT. Plus, we already paid $88 to get our property released from your enforcers. If you are poor, and have a car, you are screwed in New Haven.

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