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Animal Welfare: Nuisance


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There are two dogs that have chased me back inside my home on 4 separate occasions when I am getting my mail or moving my trash in back after trash day. There are two elderly people who would not be able to outrun or dispatch them if attacked. They run and bark aggressively and will raise their legs in an aggressive posture when they get very close as if they are going to attack me. They are a black and white husky and a small brown stubby mut. I am concerned for the well being of my neighbors and my grandparents who live here. I know they are coming from the address 4544 North Beechwood Drive and the owner has let them roam the neighborhood countless times now. The owner has no control over the dogs and they will bark aggressively whenever I have encountered them or been chased back inside my home. I'm tired of feeling like I'm going to be mauled by one of these dogs if I don't outrun them. Please advise and address the situation before it's too late and someone is hurt by these animals.

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