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Tree Removal La Kaydiiyey

4646 N Magnolia Ave chicago, il Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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1005 jeer


Chicago Ward 46

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tree, noise complaint


Hello all,

Today, 1/20/14, the residents of 4644 N Magnolia Ave had a tree removal company come onto their property beginning at approximately 8am. Surely this is not an issue per city codes regarding noise, but I am inclined to believe that common courtesy could have gone a long way in this situation. I was abruptly awoken at 8am this morning by these workers and it is now nearly 3pm and the tree removal crew is still sawing away. Given that I am a full time student and I work two part time jobs, one of which is primarily from home, this has been an incredible nuisance for me. My studio sits not 20 yards from these folks' yard. Had the residents bothered to inform neighbors that a lengthy day of tree removal was forthcoming, I would have no issue -- I would have stayed with a friend elsewhere.

So, please, can we all agree to be a bit more neighborly, considering that this is a densely populated area with numerous apartments?

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