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Both sides of Beech Street, between Massachusetts Avenue and Orchard Street, are posted no parking for construction for the entire period December 14 - January 14, Monday-Friday, 7 am-3:30 pm. The contractor is "Riley Bros".

There was no construction activity yesterday, and so far none today, on any part of this street (aside from building construction that has been ongoing at one address for the past 18 months, and is unrelated). The weather is clear.

This permit needs to be revoked. It never should have been issued this way. The contractor needs to reapply for separate permits limited to specific dates and a specific side/length of the street where work will actually be occurring. This is significantly displacing parking for residents and the contractor needs to make a good-faith effort to mitigate that impact.

Please note I have tried to reach the public works construction permitting office at 617-349-4800, option 2, option 2, but it does not seem to be routing to a phone line operated by a city employee.

Thank you in advance.


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