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Don’t think it was right to promptly closing out ClickFix# 9131016 first thing this morning. It may have “cleaned your slate” for the day, but, it certainly did NOT address the issue that was brought to your attention on New Year’s Eve.

It was one thing to wait four (4) days to address the issue, that I would expect over a holiday weekend, but, to just close out the issue without passing it along to the proper party to address is totally unacceptable!

One of the reasons we are in the predicament here in this city we are in is that we don’t seem to be taking COVID seriously. Thus the remark made on New Year’s Eve to ease parking restrictions to all for our residents to have visitors! THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

Residents of Malden have not heard from city leaders in WEEKS regarding the status of COVID - 19 as cases continue to rise both here in the city and across the Commonwealth! I know for a fact that this is not the case in other cities - many of whom have been receiving constant contact from their cities and/or towns. Most recently even New Year greetings. Here in Malden we have been on our own to source this information. Certainly not a good thing during a pandemic of this magnitude that has taken too many lives and affected so many of our family members, friends and neighbors.

I think before closing the books on certain issues such as these that are brought to light they should be given the proper review by city government and swift action should be taken by those that can make a difference. Simply closing them out and passing them over without due process is not doing any one of us any good at all. If we didn’t feel that bringing up our concern in this platform would help our neighbors we wouldn’t bother to begin with. We certainly have enough on our plates as it is and don’t need to waste our time here if our comments and concerns are going to be hastily passed over and disregarded!


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