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Fully operating a commercial business from residential home (A Branch Above Tree Service). Operates heavy equipment evenings and weekends; Wood chippers, chainsaws, beeping dump trucks burning debris all day and very early/ late (early as 6am and late as 10). Equipment is parked on the property in back behind the fence, on side of the garage, in the front yard and along roadway on public ROW. Very recently (within a 3 months) I believe there was a car accident when a neighbor hit one of his black trucks parked in the ROW in the dark! Traffic often has to stop and wait in the road as he moves his trucks around to fit them all on his property. That block of Baffin and Acadia has turned into a commercial business section especially for landscapers. I think there are 4 landscape companies there and one food truck. I did not choose to live on a street parallel to 41 due to commercial butting up to residential homes. Homes are much cheaper when they are on a highway or near commercial business districts and residents here pay more to be in a residential area like this. Please require/enforce landscape and other businesses to be operated in commercial areas. I see there is no business address listed for this company on Google, no brick and mortar building provided. This seems to be entirely operated from this address when profits should be used to secure appropriate storage/a business front. Please find out where his actual business is suppose to be located, verify that address and find if there any equipment on site there? This has been going on for years.

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A. Parking a Commercial Truck in Residential Neighborhood

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