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Missed Limb Collection 應答

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Missed Limb Collection


11 times





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This is the 2nd week that limb collection has been missed. Spoke to a Representative on Monday about the first missed collection. No notice was left as to why it wasn't collected .

also asked...
Q. Was a service notice left at the residence?
A. No
Q. Is the pile curbside?
A. Yes
Q. Is the pile clear of all obstructions and power lines?
A. Yes
Q. Is the pile the size of a Minivan or larger (20 Cubic Yards)?
A. No
Q. Are the limbs longer than 5 feet?
A. No
Q. Are the limbs larger than 6 inches in diameter?
A. No
Q. Is there any debris other than limbs in the pile?
A. No

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