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Lack of Pedestrian Crosswalks across Wilson at intersection of Danville.. Buksan

Danville And Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA Ipakita sa Mapa Itago ang Mapa
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pothole, crosswalk


I daily see pedestrians almost get hit/run over at this intersection. It is absolutely amazing no one has been killed here over the years.

Everywhere else across Wilson at corners there are crosswalks across Wilson, but for some reason not here.

This is a major cross walk into the neighborhood and from Whole Foods and it is also a blind corner for cars. You almost always see cars honk and almost hit one another here because they try to gun it across since there is no light.

This puts the pedestrians in danger here also without crosswalks.

This intersection BADLY needs crosswalks ACROSS Wilson, not just across the side street.

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