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Worst street in ottumwa Open

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I've lived here for twenty years and most of my neighbors have lived here for a long time as well. We are a very close bunch of friends. We all have pretty much come to a conclusion to pitch in and gravel our street, rather then live through the troubles of driving on the left side of the street and also in the grass along our yards. We have kids on this dead end street and they can't even ride their bicycles without full body armor. Our cars are shaking apart, I have even bent a rim on my car. During our time on this street the city has came only one time and filled a couple of holes in twenty years, all they have to do is FIX it RIGHT the first time and they'll wont have to worrie about coming back in at least another twenty years. Better yet if they dont want to spend that much money they can pay to gravel the street. I also wounder if we laid gravel down our street that the city would have some kind of gripe or try to give everybody on this street a fine. All is worth it to have gravel road rather then a level B road.

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