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I purchased a home three years ago. Immediately upon moving into the home I began to experience sewage back up in my basement and horrible smells throughout my whole home. I contacted plumbers who were under the impression that the issue might be due to the large tree I have next to my home, that the roots might be cracking the pipes. I filed a claim with my insurance company who was under the impression that it was going to cost approximately ten-thousand dollars to fix, and they would give me four-thousand dollars and I would have to pay for the rest. I assumed that the seller was at fault for this and thought they would have been aware, and was attempting to hold him responsible to have this issue fixed. This was a very long process and my family and I were stuck living in this home, for two and a half years, constantly paying for plumbers to pump out our basement and clean out our pipes. Finally, when we were able to afford to have the plumbing done in the Spring of 2020 the plumbers went down to our basement and found out we actually had no access to the main sewer line, it was cemented, in short our sewage never had a way to leave our home. We were then immediately advised to vacate our home as there was a large presence of methane gas, and so we left in May 2020. Upon investigating this issue, I had found out that the seller actually was not at fault, as he was never made aware of this issue either. This home was in receivership and condemned, and the seller was given a list of things to fix, but was never made aware that the city had cemented off our access to the sewer line. Due to this, I have had a number of medical issues (documented), have had to endure the stress of immediately leaving my home having to pay for hotels for three months, and now renting an apartment that is too small for my growing family as I am pregnant. I still own the home, as no one wants to buy this home with this issue. I am unable to afford the large cost it requires to be fixed, as well as still responsible for a mortgage for a home I can not live in all while renting an apartment. I would like to go back to my home but cannot until this issue is fixed, my basement is cleared of sewage and methane gas.


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