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Problem with Traffic Light - Still NOT Corrected Ouvert

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If Traveling WEST on Hilliard Street when you approach the Traffic Light at Adams Street the Light Will NOT Change unless you are on an approx 1 Foot area section of the Road, in fact the Light will cycle several times and let Eastbound traffic cross Adams Street but the WEST Bound side will Stay Red and will NOT Change unless you finally back up or roll far enough forward into the intersection that your vehicle is recognized, many times after sitting there while the light cycles several times and changing for the East bound but Staying Red for the WEST Bound traffic I will either go through the Red light or Turn Right and then have to cut thru the Fiber Optic Company Property only to come back East to the Light to Turn Right to Go South on Adams Street, This light needs to be addressed , There is an Optic Sensor up on a pole that faces the WEST Bound traffic on Hilliard but perhaps it is also broken or ineffective ??? The problem still exists and often occurs at night when there is only one car at the Light heading West on Hilliard and the Light will cycle for East Bound cars on Hilliard then the light cycles back to North and South Green, basically ignoring the fact that there is a car sitting on the Westbound side of Hilliard waiting to cross ...

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