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Illegal Parking Blocks Sidewalk 打開

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I know on Sundays churchgoers are permitted to park in certain areas for free with no tickets, but it is my understanding that this does not include sidewalks and that this only applies to Sundays. I would need clarification on that. The last 2 weeks have been mess all over the neighborhood walking around the icy sidewalks and streets. The church located directly across the street from the parking lot at 1601 Fitzwater is allowing, permitting, parking on the actual sidewalk on Fitzwater street (as it does all throughout the week). This is creating a huge pedestrian problem requiring people to walk in the street or try to squeeze by cars on the ice. I fell and have watched others with baby strollers not be able to get through because cars are parked on the sidewalk. This week especially, this is dangerous and illegal. However, this should not be permitted at any time of day or week, there are already designated church parking lanes on Sundays. PPA was out last night and did not ticket or enforce. Please fix this issue.

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