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This was the scene of my daughters horrific accident she was coming up grattan and was broadsided at this stop sign the other vehicle was attempting to cross over grattan st and failed to yield at this stop sign she was hit in the passenger side did a 180 and then hit the curb and flipped 3 times it was a miracle that she walked out of this with just bruises and the other vehicle was cited for failure to yield this accident occurred at 8:10 pm and was actually captured on a home security camera. I am looking for a solar stop sign on the left and right sides of both existing stop signs as these will be illuminated like the ones are by trinity health and Granby road. I have been a resident of Chicopee for 22 years and there have been numerous accidents at this location and the same goes for the exact same situation crossing granby road by 22 news if I do t get any response to this I will be going to the media with this as my daughter was very lucky and she could of been killed.
Concerned citizen
Paul carson
125 chapel st
Chicopee ma 01020
I can be reached at 413-532-0781

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Q. Type of Sign?
A. Stop Sign
Q. What is Wrong?
A. New Sign to be Installed
Q. Is a Post Needed?
A. No
Q. Attach Photo if taken
A. No Answer Given

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