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Housing Code Violation


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heat, snow


I have had my heat on to the max temperature since beginning of October and the house would only go up to 60 in temp. So i got two space heaters and even with those, it's still barely to 65. This picture shows my heat being all the way up (never turned down since October) also have a space heater running in the room and it barely making 65. Our bathroom and kitchen heaters are cold and never blowing out air. and i have almost 2 year old who takes baths in a very cold bathroom. The back door by the bathroom is off frame and the snow comes in thru the type. We recorded a video during the snow storm of it. Our house was extremely cold then. We have told the landlord he calls us liars but said himself there was no heat coming out the two heaters. We use the oven a lot to heat the home as well as it heats the house the quickest, even when cooking the kitchen gets very warm. But once we are done it's cold again. Ice cold floors every morning. By law it states the heat should be a minimum of 65 degrees with out additional measures being taken and I've had to buy 3 heaters since October to get it to even make it to 65. He said he would put up plastic but has not.

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