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As of today, @9:00am the Bus Stop on Shattuck Street is only have done from the last storm. The area from the fire hydrant to the middle of the No Parking Tow Area has not been done. The snow removal from the curb to the snow bank on the sidewalk has not been cleared, with that being said with the next storm coming could we please remove the snow starting at the fire hydrant located on Shattuck Street in front of Subway all the way to the LRTA Bus stop needs to be removed. We have a couple of different types of city buses and the regular one has the ramp at the front of the bus while the trolley type has the ramp at the end of the bus, so when they need to pull in against the curb and let the ramps come down the trolley type is in the rear and is closer to the first No Parking Tow Area sign and the regular large bus has it at the front which lets it down near the LRTA sign this is why that whole area needs to be cleared. I don't know if it has been a new driver , because I spoke with the one that normally does the removal and I thought he new the whole area needs to be cleared. I hope this will happen this time around and don't have to keep sending messages.
Thanks for your attention on this matter.

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