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City of Chicago


Abandoned Vehicle Complaint


193 razy


North Center

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Georgia plates, gray Hyundai Elantra. Hasn't moved since before Christmas. Street isn't able to be cleared in front of 3428 and 3432. Huge nuisance.

also asked...
Q. Vehicle Make/Model
A. Hyundai
Q. How many days has the vehicle been parked?
A. Sedan 4 Door
Q. Input mobile # to opt-in for text updates. If already opted-in, add mobile # to contact info.
A. No Answer Given
Q. Vehicle Color
A. Gray
Q. Vehicle License Plate Number
A. BPV 3345
Q. How many days has the vehicle been parked?
A. 45
Q. Vehicle Body Style
A. Sedan 4 Door

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