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signs, crosswalk


Please put up stop signs at each entrance to Kepler Loop on Brisbon rd. A fourway stop would be good at the Cantler, Brisbon and Kepler Loop area. This row of town houses on Kepler Loop is part of Creekside and the residents need to cross a busy street to get to their community. A little boy was killed here crossing the road. Pedestrian crosswalks and speedbumps along the road with additional lighting would be beneficial. Many people speed down this road and we have both children and adults who walk on Brisbon. With the amount of cars that come down this road with the Sterling Apartments, Creekside and other houses, it would need to be addressed as quickly as possible. People use this road as it is another way to connect Ford and Harris Trail. They do not go the speed limit of 35 but way over that on multiple occasions.

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A. Safety for residents.

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