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3142 73rd Ave Oakland, CA, 94605, USA Ipakita sa Mapa Itago ang Mapa
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Streets - Potholes/Depression


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73rd ave. Between Sunkist and Bankroft is full of potholes. This is such a busy street connecting people to 880 and 580. It’s frustrating when I use this stretch and my car hit some of the many potholes.

ay nagtanong din...
T. Is there any water coming out of it?
S. Don't Know / No Answer
T. Is there an odor coming out of it?
S. Don't Know / No Answer
T. Is there a hole, or is it more like an entire area that looks crumbled like an alligator's back or a bunch of cracks?
S. More like an entire area
T. How large is it?
S. All different sizes
T. Is the pothole located on a freeway on ramp or off ramp?
T. What were you doing when you encountered the pothole/depression?
S. Driving
T. If signage, a barricade, cone or other device covers the pothole whose name appears on it? (e.g., EBMUD)
S. None
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